Danskin Now Women’s Sport Clothing

At DanskinNow.org, we’re your source for the fabulous Danskin Now collection, which is known for its innovative, stylish apparel for women on the go! When you turn to Danskin Now, you’ll enjoy a wonderful blend of quality and style.

The Danskin Now line of products has been developed to offer a distinctive feminine style, with a blend of comfort, innovation and perfect fit. The Danskin Now product line includes a vast array of apparel items for little girls, teens and women, which includes:

•    Women’s bike shorts
•    Dri-more leggings
•    Microfleece jackets
•    Dri-more pants
•    Girls’ dance leotards and leotard and skirt sets
•    High performance boot cut pants
•    Dri-more cropped leggings
•    Performance  capri pants
•    Capri leggings with a hidden pocket
•    Dri-more capri style pants
•    Adjustable back foam sport bras
•    Seamless sports bra
•    Dri-more piped Bermuda shorts
•    …and so much more!

Danskin Now’s product line includes apparel items that feature Dri-more technology to keep you cool and comfortable while you’re exercising, dancing or simply on the go! Many Danskin Now apparel items are equipped with Dri-more, so they’ve engineered to provide optimal moisture wicking properties that absorb perspiration, while also offering anti-microbial protection to reduce odor, so you’ll feel (and smell) fabulous!

About Danskin Now

Danskin Now is a product line offered by Danskin, a family-owned apparel firm that was established in 1882. For more than 125 years, Danskin has been providing girls and women with clothing of unparalleled style and quality, offering a feminine touch with incredible quality and comfort.

Danskin initially focused on providing high-performance apparel to New York City’s most elite dancers including leotards, tights and tutus. The brand quickly caught on among dancers across the nation and since then, Danskin has been known for providing high-performance dancewear apparel that stands up to the rigors of dance and other sports.

Over the years, Danskin has evolved and enhanced its apparel offerings, while simultaneously keeping up with the latest trends and styles in women’s active wear and dance apparel. In the 1950s, Danskin released the first nylon sports apparel, then in the following decade, Danskin expanded its offerings to include ice skaters, gymnasts and street clothes.

The Danskin Now product line extends into women’s active wear and dance apparel. Danskin also offers a range of casual apparel and fitness items, including yoga mats, toning balls and weights, along with clothing items featuring high-tech fabrics such as Cocona, Supplex with Lycra fabric and Stretch Tech Nylon.

DanskinNow.org is your source for all the latest Danskin Now fashions, perfect for your active lifestyle!